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Pay Per Click also known as PPC is a wonderful 'Internet advertising' model used on every websites. This is the platform where advertisers pays their respective hosts only if their advertisement is clicked. With the help of search engines, advertisers make it a point to bid on the ' keyword phrases' applicable to their 'target market'.

As PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is the most liable type of online advertising, we provide you the best pay for our customers. This allows you to set a target budget and bear the cost only when a viewer click on your advertisement to visit your website. Keeping this in mind, we have rated our pay-per-click management plans as per customer's estimate of the campaign. Whatever we plan, it is done with an idea of achieving maximum value for your money and ensuring good (ROI) 'Return on Investment'.

Here below are some of our PPC Packages
Set up and Maintenance Cost 149 AUD/MONTH 199 AUD/MONTH 299 AUD/MONTH
Daily Budget Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
PPC Campaign Setup
Keyword phrases 100 200 400
Establish business objectives
Analysis of competitors keywords and campaigns
Keyword research and theme grouping
Development of optimized campaigns
Creation and testing of multiple ads
Keywords directed to relevant pages
Proper use of content match
Geo targeted campaigns
Negative keywords
Keyword matching options
Landing page consulting
Landing Pages 1 2
Setting Up Tracking Code
PPC Campaign Management/Maintenance
Active monitoring and bid adjustments
Elimination of ineffective terms and ads
Optimisation and expansion of ad groups
Ongoing budget management and analysis
Keyword performance analysis
Ad performance tracking and optimization
Conversion tracking and ROI analysis
Continued detailed reporting
Improve CTR (click through rates)
Lower cost and cost per conversion
Quality score improvement
Weekly reporting
Google Analytics
Support through Mail / Chat / Phone
Monthly Report

The PPC advertising services and facilities at Karmick Infosystem cover the entire range of PPC marketing, mainly covering content and sponsored page advertising as proposed by the search engines. Our Pay-Per-Click management experts at our marketing division are well appointed with efficiency to ensure a productive work to you. We aim to get good ROI (Return On Investment) for our clients and also meet their PPC marketing objectives.

Pay-Per-Click Management Methodology

We at Karmick Infosystem keeping in mind your good ROI (return on investment) for PPC campaign, have tuned some of our PPC management methodology for you. They are:

  • Maintaining the CPC (cost per click) at economical levels by centralizing on less competitive yet targeted keywords.
  • Picking up the apt keywords for the PPC Campaigns
  • Making the title and PPC advertisements creative
  • On a daily basis tracking the PPC campaign results
  • Keeping posted the customers about the progress report
With all Packages
Free 24X7 Technical support.
Maintenence support.
Business keyword research.
Business listing coordination.
Business listing confirmation.
Business listing instruction.
Business listing data addition.
Business listing data updation.
Business listing photos.
Business listing add videos.
Business listing update videos.
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Unlimited Design Revisions.
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